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Delmar, DE19940

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We are a family that love our dogs!!  Each breed and individual dog have there own traits and personalities.  We started breeding Great Danes because of my great love of the breed.  The Gentle Giants!  They are such loving dogs, the biggest problem with them is that they just don't realize how big they are!!!  

Then we started breeding French Bulldogs another awesome companion!!  Frenchies are such athletic, little clowns that also enjoy being a lap dog.  French Bulldogs don't tend to be big barkers either which makes them well suited for people who prefer a less vocal dog. 

We no longer breed Great Danes. At any given time we have may have French Bulldog puppies.

Our motto here is, WE LOVE THEM ALL, BIG AND SMALL!

Every puppy is well socialized, de-wormed, vet checked and has their 1st shot before they go to their forever home.

See my puppies here too!